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TRUE Matchmaking Singapore

TRUE Matchmaking Singapore is Singapore only local dating company which specializes only in what is truly important to you – finding the true love of your life.

We provide services to those who are marriage minded.

You signed up to dating companies hoping to discover the date of your dreams and the love of your life.

However, too many unethical Singapore dating agencies just hard sell you. Then they up-sell you dating coaching or shopping packages. They then throw you into their database and brag to the media about how many names they have in their database.

There is actually no point to having a big database & names if they cannot even give you the one thing you truly want – help look for the TRUE love of your life.

We do not accept every one who applies. We are your matchmaker. We only accept your application if we are strongly confident we can find you the right partner and relationship you want.

If you are sick and tired of unethical companies, then read on below.

How is our services different?

We only help singles in Singapore who are serious about finding the right person and ultimately have a happy ever after and marriage. If this sounds like you, then click on the link below to reach us for our service now.

If you want to date around or judge matchmakers by the number of dates you can go on with the wrong people, we’re not the right place for you.

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Find love with our 1-to-1 matchmaker services

Out with unnecessary coaching programs, shopping makeovers, & speed dating. With us, you get a true matchmaker. We focus ONLY on what's TRULY important - finding you YOUR true love in SG with us.

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We keep match % higher by strict qualifications

We aim for 100% match rate by being very strict on whom we bring into our company as clients. Every client has to have virtually 100% chance of finding the correct person before we will allow you to sign up with us.

get good customer services

Sales & customer service is served by the same person

Bad consultants 'forget' about you & throw you to a 'template/useless' customer support. No more. With our company, you will receive a dedicated sales & customer service manager from the start to finish!

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Step 1:

Fill in our form below with your details and preferences for your match in Singapore.
Please note that you need to be a Singaporean or a permanent resident of SG, aged 21 years or older and legally allowed to marry before potential shortlisting. If so, apply today.

Step 2:

After our company actually looks through your application, you will be shortlisted

Step 3:

If we believe there is a reasonably high chance we can look for whom you want (basically the right one) within a relatively short period of time, you will be contacted. We will then schedule for your first date, have you match-made according to your exact details & preferences & help you ideally find a happy relationship!

Work With Our Relationship Manager

We take time to understand your preferences through our proprietary and cutting-edge questionnaire.

Therefore, please understand that for applications, we may take up till 12-48 hours to reply you if shortlisted.

If you are marriage minded, then do sign up for our dating agency & matchmaker service in Singapore now.

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FAQS About Our Relationship And Dating Services

  1. How many dates do I get to go on with your packages?
    If your idea of what’s success is a matchmaker who connects you up with as many wrong people as possible, please do not sign up. Our service are reserved for those who are long-term minded and looking to settle down.

    We only want to help those who want to look for their true love. Ideally, we look for and have found for you your ideal partner on your first date you go on with our packages.

  2. Do people get to see my full profile details and do I get to see my potential dates’ photos before meeting them?
    Your profile details is only for our team to match you up to the ideal person you have indicated you wish as your partner. We need these verified details so it can be a pleasant and honest experience for all our clients.

    And yes, you will be able to see photos before meeting. So many companies like the idea of blind dates. But please, let’s face the elephant in the room, if you can’t stand the sight of the other party at all, it probably will not work out well.

    With that said, this also means your photo will need to be shown to selected dates. However, we allow partially censored photos to be shared with your potential date if you are more privacy conscious.

  3. How long does it take to get me a match?
    After we have received your criteria and “must-have” requirements in a partner, we will send you a match we think you will likely be interested in, ASAP. Depending on how strict your criteria is, it could take anywhere between a few days and a few months. With that said, we only take in your application if we are confident about finding you a match relatively quickly.
  4. How are your packages like and what are the prices for your services?
    Some companies never list a price and force you to schedule a call with them first so they can hard sell and then up sell you. We are different and fully transparent with all clients. We believe in honesty.

    Please check out our packages and prices here (click on this link).

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If you are a Singaporean or permanent resident, feel free to look for us for service!

We look forward to hearing from you.