Why Mobile Dating Apps Will Never Take Over Real Matchmakers

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Reasons Why Dating Apps Are Unable To Take Away The Role Of True Matchmakers

While these mobile apps will likely continue to exist in Singapore, it is also the case for true matchmakers and dating agencies.

Here are some of the reasons why apps will snatch away business from ‘fake’ agencies in Singapore, but not true ones.

1. You cannot tell a person’s details accurately on mobile apps because most do not type out in their profiles!

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People hiding their personal details on online mobile dating apps

Certain important preferences just cannot be distilled from mobile apps.

There are some crucial preferences that most people looking to date are looking out for. However, it can be quite difficult to spot such details on a person’s casual dating profile on applications online!

Here are some of the key factors that can make it difficult to find out some ‘sensitive’ information:

  • People tend not to type out such details in their profile
  • It can be rude to ask for such details directly sometimes
  • It can make you sound a little too desperate and forthcoming for most people’s liking, especially when most applications are meant for more casual forms of dating

As matchmakers, we know that the following are some of the most pesky factors that may affect you when it comes to relationships. Not all may apply to you personally, however, you may identify with some of them at least!

Here are some important factors for Singaporeans when dating seriously but hard to find out through mobile apps or websites

Some of the following things may be important to you but unable to be performed by pure mobile dating apps alone.

Smoker / non smoker

Smoking can be a sensitive factor.

While there is nothing legally wrong with smoking if the other party or you are a smoker as long as you are of the right legal age and above, some people are very particular about their partners not being a smoker.

Unfortunately, such questions can be awkward to ask directly on apps – especially in such a casual environment!

Perhaps you are a smoker, and worried if the other party may not like it.

On the other hand, it could be that you hate cigarette smell and smokers, and yet feel awkward to ask the other party on the app whether they are a smoker.

A real agency like ours will be able to help you pre ask questions like this first, so that we can match you up with your dream date in as few dates as possible.


Some people also have such reservations when it comes to tattoos.

Perhaps you have tattoos and are worried if the person you date can accept them.

Or perhaps, you do not like your partner to have tattoos.

However, you may either feel awkward or rude talking about this topic upfront.

Thankfully, with a real agency, we help you ask such questions beforehand, and deal with the embarrassment. You just need to indicate your preferences to us, and we will find you whom you want.

Religion and level of religiousness

The truth of the matter is that many people of differing religious beliefs can sometimes find it hard to imagine a married life together.

Even among those with the same religious beliefs, but differing levels of devoutness and commitment to the religion can find it difficult to truly lead a married life together.

It could be simply due to the couple, for example, you and your future spouse, or it could be something to do with either or both parties’ parents.

Nonetheless, we can understand that religion is very important to some people, and of no importance to others. Everyone is different. The key is not to shun other people, but to simply find whom matches your preferences and vice versa… while avoiding those with non compatible religious beliefs or level of devoutness.

This can be a very sensitive or downright offensive topic to some to talk about with a stranger you have just seen on an online app. However, it may be a very important topic and criteria for you! This is where a professional matchmaker such as TRUE Matchmaking comes into play and help you find your ideal partner.

2. You will likely bump into lots of people lying about credentials / details on apps or websites

There may be people who lie about their credentials or details on mobile applications too.

Let us face it – most Singaporeans are indeed materialistic and/or superficial. The difference is the extent of it.

However, it can be downright annoying and offensive to have someone outright lie to you, that he or she is living well when in fact they are barely breathing when it comes to their finances. Or perhaps a date does not actually work at a particular prestigious company that he or she is telling you!

Unfortunately, these are problems inherent with dating apps, because they are not required by the apps nor by law to disclose such information to use casual online mobile apps.

Fortunately for you, for a true matchmaking and dating agency such as ours, we help you verify such details about your potential date before potentially matching you up with him or her!

3. Most people use ‘angle perfect’ photos or older pictures to trick users such as yourself

Some people show you only the ‘perfect’ angles because they are great at taking selfies. It may feel like the other party is cheating you if you dated someone who looks nothing like their pictures in real life.

Sometimes, some people also tend to use really old photos of themselves, which look nothing like how they look like today!

On the other hand, you may not be great at taking photos of yourself, and find yourself at a severe disadvantage on such mobile apps. This can feel and be very unfair to yourself.

We verify our clients’ looks

To help combat this problem, we verify our clients’ looks to make sure that whatever photos they submit actually looks like them today or at least recently.

Conclusion – apps are mostly for casual dating, matchmakers for marriage minded people

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Couple on the beach

‘Fake’ agencies simply lump you into a matching database. They simply do not put in any effort to finding what their customers really want… resulting in you wasting money on a branded agency without the substance.That is why some people feel mobile apps may take over matchmaking agencies, when that will unlikely be the situation.

This is because genuine consultants will always put in the time and effort, whether automated or manually, as long as they find you whom you truly want! We are here to help those people who are truly marriage minded.

And that is exactly what we do.

A genuine matchmaker worth his or her salt helps you get rid of all the awkwardness, embarrassment and time wasted sieving through people you never want to date seriously anyway.

Contact us today, to apply to be our client and potentially find the love of your life!

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