How To Avoid Fake ‘Matchmaking Agencies’?

If you are searching for a real matchmaker in Singapore for the marriage minded, find out more about our dating services and dating agency here.

But did you know that there are real and ‘fake’ matchmaking agencies in Singapore?

Unfortunately for you, you may or may not have bumped into a fake matchmaker before pretending to be one when they are really not one.

Have you or your friend ever signed up before to matchmakers, only to be hard sold into buying their:

  • Shopping assistant packages
  • Makeover packages
  • How to get a girlfriend or boyfriend dating coaching packages

NOW, those are not bad per se. However, you were basically sold everything except for what their name suggests!

Does that sound like a matchmaker?

It sounds like a bait and switch!avoid fake matchmakers

Imagine you walked into McDonald’s looking to buy a Fillet O Fish, and then they sell you a fishing rod, and a map to the nearest fishing pond and sold you cooking equipment instead. How ridiculous!

To make it worse, if you confront your ‘consultant’ (really, it’s just a nasty twist of word for salesperson, why not be honest?) after you have paid them, forget about getting a single email reply from them.

You will automatically be slotted to their ‘customer support’, and these ‘consultants’ refuse to personally reply to you.

We have had enough of such b*llsh*t ourselves, so we founded a true matchmaking agency for you – one that finds you the love of your life. Period.

However, we understand that some of you may be confused due to the large amount of misinformation. So before you sign up for us or any other agency, here are some tips for you so you get what you truly sign up for.

Here are some ways for you to spot whether an agency is truly a matchmaking and marriage agency or a scam.

1. Ask them for their prices, or simply check their website for rates

A normal, ethical marriage or dating agency should have 0 qualms showing you their rates. After all, a legitimate client will never buy if the price is not right, so might as well get it out of the way as soon as possible.

It is true that some do not show because they wish to demonstrate the value of their services before telling you the price, to prevent you from getting a potential sticker shock.

However, you may just want to be slightly wary of potentially being sucked into a sales funnel and being up sold all sorts of other services if you see a website which refuses to list its price and gives tons of excuses about it.

While nobody is saying it is a definite signal of a scam, it should probably raise some red flags within you.

2. BE CAUTIOUS if a ‘matchmaker’ keeps selling you on how large their database is instead of focusing on your criteria, requirements and preferences

Because let us be honest, if you wanted a large ‘database’, just join Tinder. Because up till date, no company has more people in their ‘database’ than Tinder. But as you probably already realized, a large pool of names is useless if you cannot find the person you want or no one swipes right back to you!

However, there are also lots of ineligible singles or people who do not like you at all on such mobile apps.

The purpose of a real matchmaker is to help you sieve through and find the ideal match. There is absolutely no point in being thrown into a so called ‘big database’ and never see any results.

So there you go, some tips to help you find a genuine matchmaking agency

Now, while the above list may not necessarily be comprehensive, it will definitely serve as a good guide to help you avoid the liars from the real marriage and dating matchmakers in Singapore!

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