7 Ways To Ensure Your First Date Goes Smooth

Everyone wishes that their first date goes smooth. Here are 7 tips to help you ensure that all of your first dates will be smooth!

The following are some really simple sounding, but extremely powerful tips. Often times, it is actually easier than you may think what is required to make your first date go smooth! When you join a dating agency for matchmaking such as ours, we already found you a person who is relatively compatible both ways. So, without further ado, let us start!

1) Be yourself… No really, be yourself

A lot of people in Singapore try to be someone they are not to impress a guy or a girl. They then realize that fails, then they try the opposite. Then that fails too! What a disaster… right? Not quite.

And the reason you are failing is NOT because the above advice you may have heard before is wrong.

The reason is very likely that you are STILL ‘acting’ like whom you think you are.

You are NOT yet actually being you.

I will give you a simple illustration.

Do you remember how you are like when you are with your best buddies or girl friends?

Do you remember how you are like when you are on a first date?

Most people are still pretending to be someone they think they are, or someone they are not to a certain extent on first dates.

The worst thing you can do, is to not be you! So, relax, and enjoy being you. That will work the best!

2) Put in an effort to dress well!

While this does not mean going for designer goods and clothes, it does not mean you should turn up in your pyjamas. Some Singaporeans do that. Please do not join that part of the statistic!

If you want to err on the safe side, girls, wear a dress. Guys, wear a smart casual outfit. Those are generally safe outfits that most people of the opposite gender likes!

3) Enjoy the date with no agenda

Let go completely of all external expectations and enjoy yourself during your first date. Do not try to get the guy or the girl you are on your first date with. Do not do so.romance

Your only priority for the entire date, is to ensure that you enjoy yourselves with your partner! Getting her number or trying to get him to remain in contact with you should never be the priority. If you have any agenda other than trying to enjoy yourself, you will subconsciously give off a desperate vibe without even knowing it. Therefore, do not kill your potential success subconsciously by doing that!

4) Do not portray an image of yourself worse off or better off than you really are

Some people like to play games pretending to be poorer or richer than they really are to their date. If you are used to doing this, stop! Attempting to start a long term relationship on something based off a lie is never a good decision.

5) Learn to read body language patterns

Whether you want to take an online course or go for an offline program, knowing how to read human psychology is very important for dating success.

Many times, if you do not know how to read the other party’s body language, you may not even know if they are bored or interested in a particular topic!

Perhaps, you ask the person to do a certain activity or talk about a certain topic, and you wrongly think they hate or love it. That can potentially be disastrous.

While many in Singapore mistake emotional quotient (EQ) as personality, the true definition of EQ is the ability to read emotions of other people. It is important to have high EQ.

6) Do not probe!

The benefit of using a matchmaking agency such as ours is that the person you go on a first date with will automatically have met your ‘must’ requirements. While those requirements can be rude to ask in a normal first date, it is already taken care of if you use a reputable and legitimate matchmaker.

Therefore, you do not want to sound over crazy and probe around for those details, or you may sound creepy or overly judgemental to the other party!

7) Accept the fact that some dates are going to be great, while some are not going to be

Last but not least, whether you use our matchmaker services or not, you have to accept the fact that some dates are going to end up great while some will not. It has nothing to do with your date, nor you.

This has to do with mathematical probability. Of course, a great matchmaker will be able to greatly increase the probability of success by sifting out unsuitable people.

Here are some great and unique first date ideas for couples!

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