Romantic Activities For Couples In Singapore

Here are some romantic activities that couples in Singapore can consider doing! If you are a Singaporean looking to get match made instead, then check out our dating services in Singapore here.

Cable Car Sky Dining

One of the more unique and romantic activities in Singapore, this is a dining experience in the sky. But, you do not need to buy a plane ticket for this experience and you two will be the only one together! You will be on the cable car ride at Mount Faber and you will be taken for several rounds between Sentosa and Mount Faber. Some chefs will cook up a nice meal for you two and you can dine in a nice and comfortable cabin. It will cost you around $288 per couple, and it will be approximately 3 rounds long. However, something you may want to note is that you will be taken for 3 rounds – which means you will end up at a spot that is not where you started from! I know that sounds weird, but that is just the way that One Faber Group arranged for. So you may want to call them up to check out more about transportation after the dinner date!

Cycling at East Coast Park

There are some couple bikes that you can rent at Coastline Leisure, which is the bicycle store nearest to the East Coast Lagoon Food Village. While most other parks in Singapore do not have bicycle stores anymore, this is still a relatively large store which is still going well as of the point of this writing. The best part is that you can go for their ‘Big Family Quad Bike’ as pictured below!

Big Family Quad Bike
Full photo credits to:

Dining at the SummerHouse dome at Seletar

While this place is out of the way if you do not have a car, it is definitely a great romantic place to be for couples in Singapore. Just check out the image below! They definitely offer some nice food and it is set in a quiet and serene environment. Add into the fact that you will in your own private dome (you will likely need to pay more and/or book), and it makes for the perfect romantic dining activity for couples!

The Summerhouse Dome At Seletar
Full photo credits to Selina Altomonte

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