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One Of The Biggest Reasons Why Some Relationships Fail

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A platform where both parties are clear about what they want, and fully transparent all the time right from the get go – because not doing this is one of the biggest reasons why couples break up!

Relationship success or failure is rarely caused by what people think they are

When one looks at relationships over a long period of time, you will actually find a high correlation between one particular factor and that of success or failure of the relationship. And here is the surprising thing – it is not caused by cheating.

A lot of people think that the biggest reasons for relationship failure is cheating.

Others think it is because of money. It is true that both of them are some of the main reasons. However, they are not the underlying cause.

The main reason is lack of transparency and honesty right from the start!

The number 1 underlying cause of relationship success or failure has to do with honesty and transparency from both parties right at the start. You cannot suddenly become transparent with each other and still expect a relationship to work out just fine!

Have you ever seen a person complain about the other suddenly ‘changing’ and not how he or she used to be? The truth is they did not change. They just showed their real thoughts and self after some time.

Have you ever seen a person complain about they found out how the other party’s and their long term interests are not aligned only after dating for some time? In the event if this has already happened, then you need to learn how to deal well with disagreements in a relationship.

Being honest from the start is a big tip to help you see find true love and relationship success

The underlying reasons for much relationship unhappiness and failures is a lack of transparency right from the start. It does not begin on date 2. It begins before date 1.

Do not let this affect you negatively ever again. Make sure to see true relationship success by always being upfront with what you want and vice versa. In fact, being truly yourself and transparent right from the start is also the first tip on our list of 7 ways to ensure your dates go smooth.

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