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Why Matchmakers Can Help You Sieve Out Time Wasters

In dating, it can be annoying if you are looking to date for the long term but the other party does not want. Here’s why and how a matchmaker comes in handy. Contact us here if you would like our dating agency service to help you sieve out the time wasters and find true love today.

Here are some of the reasons why that is the case!

When it comes to a true matchmaking experience, it will be a paid service. This means that both parties, both the guy and the girl will need to fork out real sizeable money to demonstrate their eagerness to commit to a long term relationship with a suitable partner. There are lots of people with lots of talk, but little action. By putting out a sizeable amount of non refundable money into looking for an equally committed partner is a demonstration of real genuineness.

Also, in Singapore dating scene, there will be lots of people who are not your type. If you do not have the time because you are a successful executive or simply have a busy career, then you probably have even less time to dive into doing your due diligence beforehand. When it comes to dating by chance, you will probably meet people with extremely different values and long term goals than you. However, because most may find it awkward to ask other people such deep questions about themselves because it may feel too intrusive, they do not ask. This may especially be the case in an Asian country such as Singapore. However, this will result in you bumping into many people who are not your type when it comes to values and long term relationship goals. With a matchmaker, we will be able to help you ask those awkward questions, without you ever needing to do anything. We will help you do the awkward asking of intrusive questions so you do not need to. You just need to tell us your dating criteria and requirements.

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