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Why Is Dating Seemingly Impossible For Some Singaporeans?

If you are struggling with dating in Singapore, you can simply reach out to our dating agency to help you out. But on top of that, you may also want to read the following to better understand why it may feel impossible to you, and how you can improve your odds of finding the right person!

First of all, there are some questions that is very difficult for you to ask the other party right off the bat, but are very important questions. These are often issues related to things such as value systems, beliefs, long term relationship goals and the like. However, due to many Singaporeans easily feeling awkward spelling their thoughts out publicly, and choosing to hide them instead, it can be tough to figure out these. Therefore, many relationships fail in the long term, not because either party ‘changed’. It is simply because it was not revealed or found out at the start.

Second of all, SG is not a cheap place to live in. There is a reason why it is consistently seen and ranked as one of the world’s most expensive cities. Therefore, many locals work really hard on their careers. There are some who want to make a mark in this world. There are some who just want to make enough so that they can live comfortably. Either way, people work hard over here locally. Therefore, it is difficult for both people in a potential relationship to pull out time to go about dating. Either one party is usually busy, or both are. Few people are willing to work a relationship where at least one party is super busy.

Third of all, dating can get exponentially harder for those who are slightly older and middle aged. This is because many prospective partners may automatically think you are already attached or married. Additionally, your social circle tends to get more intimate yet significantly smaller the older you grow. On top of that, your social circle will eventually all get hitched up. Therefore, it gets exponentially harder as you grow older because of these very reasons.

Having extreme preferences is also another big contributing factor to middle aged people who somehow increase their expectations to unrealistic levels the older they get. This makes them find it exponentially difficult to enter a good relationship. Having standards is one thing, but many middle aged locals having completely unrealistic expectations is another thing.

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