Why Genetics Matchmaking Is Fundamentally Flawed

There are some recent news articles, which talked about using genetics to match make people up for dating.

However, our opinion on this is that while that can work in certain areas like medicine, there are some factors which can prevent that from taking over real dating agencies. If you want a matchmaking agency in Singapore which actually cares about finding whom you want rather than simply throwing your name into a big but useless database, click here to find out more about our dating agency.

A real agency takes into consideration your values and long term relationship beliefs. Have you ever seen those couples or perhaps you have experienced getting into a relationship where both of you are absolutely ‘hot’ and ‘mad’ over each other at the start but then quarrel non stop after some time and then break up? That is exactly what genetics can do you for you. This is because for two people to temporary fall in love with each other, genetics definitely can do the job often. However, the problem is if you are trying to get into a relationship for potential marriage, then it will not work out so well. Many more factors come into play for a long term relationship such as values, belief systems and goals.

The caveat is that you must engage a real company, instead of one that pretends to be a matchmaker, but really is just an expensive version of Tinder or such similar types of mobile applications. Ever contacted companies where they just charge you money and throw you into their database? Then you can look around their provided database yourself? What is the point of that? It is a waste of your hard earned money for lack of results – you already can do that for free. Unfortunately, they are a little too common in Singapore and that is unethical on these companies’ part.

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