Date Ideas In Singapore Not Involving Cliche Dinner & Movie!

Don’t ideas like dinner and movie seem so boring? Why look like everyone else in Singapore and hurt your success chances? Here are some more interesting ideas not involving a dinner and movie date so that your date will think that you are more special and not just a run of the mill guy or girl in Singapore! If you would like the help of a dating agency to help matchmake you, you can find out more about us on our dating agency website. Otherwise, read on!

Firstly, do you and the person you are going out with like sports? If so, find out whether you like any of the same sport! If you are a guy, I strongly recommend a sports which is indoor, and not outdoor unless the girl you are going out with absolutely love it. This is because some ladies are concerned about you thinking they look bad if they are sweaty and perspiring and all in front of you. And regardless of your gender, try to pick a sport that is not going to hurt your chances with the other party. What do I mean by this? For instance, a suitable sport will be something like bowling. Something much less suitable will be something like table tennis. The reason for this is because the party that does not play anywhere as well may feel bad if it is in a sport like table tennis. However, playing well or bad in bowling does not cause the other person to feel bad! (well, at least I certainly hope so!)

Secondly, if both of you are into the arts, go for a fashion show or visit a museum together! These are also activities which will allow for maximum interaction between both of you. If you are feeling hungry halfway, you can even get some snacks or ice cream. As you can possibly already tell, the gist is to focus on activities where there can be maximum interaction between both of you – that is something that a more formal dinner and movie date cannot allow you to do!

Thirdly, you and your date can go cycling in Singapore! No, I do not mean the normal bicycles, as not everyone knows how to ride that, and also, you cannot really talk to each other on a bicycle. Even a two person bicycle won’t work well. However, there is this special bike called “Big Family Quad Bike” which can be rented from Coastline Leisure at East Coast Park and because it has four wheels and also has a shelter, neither of you need to know how to ride a bicycle to operate this. We also mentioned about this Big Family Quad Bike in another post of ours talking about romantic activities for couples.

Additionally, here are also some cheap date ideas in Singapore which are still really fun!

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