Do Speed Dating Events Work?

There are some companies in Singapore which may offer such events as part of their services. However, do they work?

If you want to skip to our conclusion, here it is. At our company, we strongly believe that if you are a busy individual and want real help looking to enter a successful relationship, a matchmaking service is your best option. Speed dating events do not work and we refuse to partake in such activities nor organize it for our clients because of the following reasons.

First of all, we believe that such events is just the equivalent of an offline mobile application like Tinder – which we do not feel works at all for most professionals in their late 20s, 30s and even 40s who are looking for a serious relationship. This is because speed and the need to make a decision quickly is built into the entire event. This means that the focus of everyone at the event is still almost entirely superficial – not much different from mobile apps. The tendency for you to accidentally miss out someone great is high, and the chances of you thinking someone is amazing just because of the first impression when he or she is actually not that good for you is also high. It is more prone to mistakes.

Second of all, while there are people who look for companies to help them expand their social circle to hopefully find someone suitable for themselves, most of the people who look for matchmakers are also usually very busy and successful career people! This means that they barely have time for themselves, much less to take out hours each time to attend these events. Yet this is exactly what these events do – take out time from the applicants’ day, evening or night. Here is our recommendation – if you are so free, then it is better to simply join free single groups out there and mingle. Otherwise, if you are going to pay, pay for a real matchmaker.

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