Recommended Mobile Dating Apps In Singapore

At our company, we firmly believe that mobile apps will never quite take over the role of real matchmakers, especially when it comes to many working professionals in the city. However, for a select group of people, there are still apps which can be useful!

Here are some of the more recommended mobile dating apps in Singapore for 2019 and moving on to 2020.

okcupid logo

First of all, it would be OkCupid. This is one of the few sites which actually tries to focus on personality tests as well as increasing the visual focus on the website on the profile part to force users to judge others based on things other than their photographs. We personally think as an app, this is one of the better ones, because many people do not know how to pose for and take a great profile picture, even if they are good looking or at least very presentable in real life. On regular apps, you are pretty much forced to be judged based on your photo only. Even if you are a handsome hunk or a gorgeous lady, if your photo is bad, your chances of success is pretty much gone.

coffee meets bagel logo

Second of all, it would be Coffee Meets Bagel. An app which actually appeared on the hit TV show Shark Tank before, Coffee Meets Bagel has become relatively popular locally. This app is different from typical ones we do not recommend at all like Tinder, because it provides more of a curated experience. It will only send you a few matches, if at all every 24 hours. This is a way for users to think beyond just looking at the image of the other party before making a decision to accept or decline the match, as there are only so many matches you will receive on a daily and weekly basis.

As you can tell, we recommend apps which put more focus on the user’s whole self – including personality, looks, interests and more rather than a few photographs. That is why we also do not believe in speed events because they focus too much on the superficial stuff as well.

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