3 Fun Outdoor Date Ideas In Singapore

Here are some of the most fun outdoor date ideas that you can put to good use in Singapore! If you need help finding a partner, then you can contact our matchmaking team – we are a local dating agency based in Singapore.

While most people are open to outdoor date ideas, many are not open to wanting to perspire wildly in front of the other party, especially for a first date. You also want maximum interaction with each other on the date. Therefore, the following suggestions and ideas take these points into consideration.

Kusu Island

Kusu Island

First of all, you could go with your date to one of Singapore’s offshore islands. One of the more popular ones would be Kusu Island! Whether or not you are a believer or a staunch atheist, the island offers much more than the often talked about religious things. You could check out tortoises, marine life, picnic on the quiet beaches or even look at reefs! Yes you can see reefs in Singapore on Kusu Island. This is also a great island compared to others such as St John island which may not be as attractive to most people due to its history of housing patients and prisoners.

TreeTop walk at Macritchie Reservoir

TreeTop walk at Macritchie Reservoir

Second of all, you could go for a walk at the TreeTop walk at Macritchie Reservoir. When it comes to hiking, we are a little apprehensive about recommending it in this guide because of Singapore’s harsh and humid weather. However, this walk is a much more leisurely one compared to most other walks, and so the chances of your date liking this idea too is definitely much higher!

Esplanade Outdoor Shows

Esplanade outdoor

Third of all, you could go to an outdoor music showcase at Esplanade. Sometimes, they hold music concerts and events just right outside the durian shaped Esplanade. This would be a great suggestion for most people due to the convenient location as well as lots of food choices just nearby, so there is a high chance that your date will love this idea too! Besides, most people love good music.

If you prefer staying indoors, then here are some indoor dates ideas instead.

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