3 Fun Sports Activities As Dates For Couples

Here are 5 fun sport activities that you can do as a couple or as a date with your crush in Singapore! If you don’t even have a date, and need help looking for a serious relationship as well as arranging for your date, then you can contact us – we are professional matchmakers in Singapore.

First of all, it would be brisk walking along one of the nature paths. On a cool Saturday or Sunday morning, you could head down with your date to one of our city’s many nature paths or trials with your walking shoe, and have a brisk walk session together and then have a good breakfast or brunch after that! Jogging or running is not recommended, simply because it is hard to hold any conversations with each other while you are doing something so rigorous. Remember, the sporty activity still needs to allow you to interact with each other for it to be effective as a date! Here are some more outdoor date ideas which are not related to sports if you prefer that instead. Otherwise, read on!

Secondly, ten pin bowling is a great suggestion too! This is especially the case in our country where it is so warm outdoors. If you want an indoor sport without breaking a sweat, this is one of the best suggestions. Due to the rest times in between shots, there are lots of time to allow for interaction between you and your date, which is always beneficial to you potentially being able to further the relationship!

Third of all, you could go for ice skating! This is actually a great activity for couples to do, especially because it allows for maximum interaction for both of you. However, do note ice skating is only recommended for a date activity if at least one of you – ideally the guy knows how to skate! It is not such a great idea if both of you do not know how to do it at all. It can be quite a cheesy date idea, however, it can be really fun.

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