How To Find A Boyfriend In Singapore

Some Singaporean women in their 30s start to find that they may have struggles when it comes to finding a boyfriend in Singapore for a serious relationship. Here are some tips to help you overcome some of the common issues so you can find a boyfriend! Alternatively, you could also look for our dating agency services.

First of all, do not hang around people who are negative or encourage you to do nothing, if you want to get a boyfriend. Perhaps you really do want to start a family now, and there is nothing shameful at all. And you are bound to meet people who tell you that there is no hurry and that fate will work its way. Or people may even tell you that starting a family is not important. The truth is that things like that differ from different people, and there is no right or wrong. However, if you want to start a family, then looking for a steady boyfriend is the right thing for you. From our experience, leaving things to fate is like trying to earn a stable income through 4D or Toto. Not going to happen. And sometimes, even if the right person appears, however, because your belief system tells you to absolutely do nothing about it, then you will not be able to be with him still. Even when opportunity appears in front of your face, it is still up to you to grab hold of it. Do not hang out around negative nor non-encouraging people!

Second of all, looks do matter. The truth is, looks matter, in fact, arguably more so for girls than for guys. The truth is women look at a man’s maturity, emotional stability as well as finances more, while men look more at a woman’s figure, dress sense and femininity more. The good news is, working out can already help you get into better shape! While you can try to fight against this, and be grossly overweight at attract some guys still, it is going to be an uphill better. This does not mean looking stick thin either. You want to have a slim and toned figure. Usually when we provide such general advice, there will be two groups of women. The first will say, “Ok, I’ll leverage whatever I can do to help me get a boyfriend easier, so I have the power and choices on my end instead.” The other will say, “I do not care. The guy must like me for however I look.” Well, which answer should you have? It depends on how many choices you want!

Thirdly, while some people may luck out, you should think deeply about what type of boyfriend and guy you want, and where do you stand the highest chance of finding such a guy. For instance, you are not going to find a self made high powered executive by hanging out around night clubs. You may find younger guys, some playboys, and some second generation rich guy at the night club, however, the top business executive is probably still doing deals somewhere. You cannot keep hanging out with your old school classmates hoping to find that elusive doctor, lawyer or some guy like that if none in the old social group has guys like that. Additionally, if most of your old or existing social circles are married already, then you need to change your group of friends. While this may sound harsh, it is the reality, and it is what you need to accept if you want to find your dream guy. It can be very similar to doing business research – except you are doing it to look for a boyfriend!

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