What Are Some Types Of Information We Require From Clients?

If you are considering signing up for our dating agency services, you may be curious about the type of information that you will be required to provide our company or consultants with. Here are some types of information we will be requiring from our clients to process your matchmaking process.

First of all, we will be verifying a few simple things such as your legal name, age and citizenship. This is really simple, and just a few seconds of interaction will be able to settle this.

Second of all, we will need a few full length photos of yourself, as well as your height and weight. Yes, because looks do matter. I know this is politically incorrect but it is absolutely true. Just like you would want to have minimum requirements for your potential date, they will have for you as well. It is only reasonable.

Third of all, we will be requiring proof of your work. This basically includes basic stuff like your business name card, verification that you do indeed work at your said workplace, as well as your current income. If you are self employed, then the applicable and relevant information supporting that will be needed.

We will also be providing you with a questionnaire, which is essentially a survey which is a simple personality test as well as intended to pull out your preferences in that of a potential match. These are things that has to do with your preferences in a potential partner. This is also information that we will require from all clients so that we can go about the matchmaking process more effectively.

As you can tell from the above, almost all of the information we will need is actually common preferences and criteria by a potential date, as well as the likely preferences you have in a potential partner. Therefore, we will be requiring these information from all of our clients to process the dating services efficiently and effectively. After that, it will be the time for the magical touch – understanding chemistry and matching you up to the right person. This is what our people specialize in.

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