Indicating Your Preferences In A Potential Dating Partner

Everyone usually has some preferences for a potential date or partner. Even those who say they do not have any preferences, and are not sure what to indicate usually do. They just do not know how to quantify it. Here are some tips from our consultants at our dating agency to help you reply our questionnaire as well as understand yourself better.

First of all, think about what are the must have criteria in your ideal partner. Different things are important to different people, and so the key is to focus on what you believe are the most important criteria to you. These are criteria whereby if the person does not fulfill, you will not even consider no matter how good they are elsewhere. Done? Great, let us move on to the next step.

Second of all, this also means that you should know what you are willing to compromise on. These are nice to have bonus traits in your potential partner. However, they are not absolute musts. For instance, if you prefer a man above the age of 40, and he is aged 38, this is probably reasonable enough, and you are willing to accept him if other details fulfilled. If you are overly particular, it can be too difficult to find yourself a boyfriend in Singapore! In another example, if you prefer a lady who is no taller than 165cm, and she is 166cm, there really is no reason to reject her on that basis alone. So these are some really nice to have traits, but not must have traits as long as the must have traits are fulfilled.

Third of all, you want to consider whether your expectations are vaguely realistic at all. For instance, if you are a shorter guy, and you want a girl who is 30 cm taller than you, it can be nearly impossible to find such a person. In another example, if you are a high powered female executive who is looking for a more ‘homebody’ and loyal man, however, not earning anywhere near you, consider that these guys will probably be intimidated by your earning capabilities and this may not be a realistic expectation as well. Keep in mind that the above are extreme end examples, and the people who expect such expectations are far and few between. It is just to illustrate to you to be realistic with the expectations, and whether such a person even exists if you are serious about getting match made.

If you noticed, in our previous post, some types of information we require from you as mentioned is actually also due to them being common preferences that most people have too! That is why we need those information from you.

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