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How To Attract Singaporean Guys – Three Ways

The easiest way to find a local guy who is already attracted to you is to sign up with our dating agency Singapore as we will matchmake you and all you need to do is to go for the date. The second best option, is for you to read this following post!

Here are three ways you can attract a local Singaporean guy if you are also a local girl.

First of all, dress in a sexy yet not slutty, classy yet not conservative manner, and you will be attracting more guys than you can handle. Dressing well is very important, especially when many men and women locally dress like they just woke up most of the times other than when they are at work. This is actually a bad habit. If you are suffering from this too, please change, as it is something that you can easily change. Remember, it is the style, not the brand of the clothes that matter. Almost all guys do not care about how much your dress or outfit costs, as long as it looks sexy and classy. The key is to dress like that without going overboard – do not look slutty or conservative or you will not be able to attract any guys.

Second of all, be seen as traditionally feminine by Singaporean guys. This may sound like an politically incorrect statement, but the truth is that most SG guys prefer a traditionally feminine girl. What does that mean though? For instance, if you are into kickboxing or wushu, which are things seen as traditionally masculine activities in Singapore, you may not want to overpromote your passion or force this topic onto the guy especially on your first date! This does not mean changing yourself entirely, unless you wish to, to attract a guy. It simply means do not go crazy trying to promote that side of you, or you will have a hard time trying to attract a local guy. The reason for this is because you do not necessarily yet know what are the preferences of the other party. Unless you are using services like that of ours, where a third party can easily, nonchalantly ask and state such preferences to your potential dates without any risk of offending or turning off the other party, try to only portray whatever is seen as traditionally feminine if you want the most effectiveness in attracting local guys. Since that is your goal, you need to adapt your strategy if you are not already doing this!

Third of all, keep your hair length long. Have you ever noticed that it is always the girls who may compliment you on how short hair looks, but never a single SG guy? There is a reason for this. Almost every single guy thinks and genuinely feels that long hair is the way to go on girls. Even if the style is a little plain, it will work multiple times better than if you had short hair. This is a simple tip, so make use of it if you are serious about attracting these local guys!

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