Why Is It So Hard To Meet A Girl For Some SG Guys?

Some Singaporean guys find it so hard to meet someone suitable. And this is actually becoming a common concern, but perhaps partly the sentiment has just been widely magnified over the last decade or so because of multiple reasons. The following are some of these reasons. If you would rather just prefer getting one as soon as possible, and you are a legally single Singaporean guy, you can look for our matchmaking consultants at our Singapore dating agency to help you out.

First of all, it is partly because with the proliferation of the Internet and social media, more guys in Singapore are simply complaining online on the Internet. Therefore, it can feel like more people are facing this issue, when in reality, it was always the case, but other people on the Internet are more aware of such issues now, and/or can find people who feel the same as well! And the cold harsh truth is that while some can easily find if they tried, the presence of all these complaints make them seek temporary solace by simply joining in the complaining too instead of taking action.

Secondly, the general culture in SG these days is that more people are simply focusing more on their careers in their 20s. This is the case for many people here now. Therefore, if you are also still in your 20s, and a local guy, you will feel that it feels harder to date. Many women are opting to put more focus in their careers even in their late 20s now, whereas in the past, more of them above the age of 25 are already looking to settle down.couple holding hands

Third of all, if you are not in an environment where there happen to be already lots of women around you, then you need to actively go out there and look for a girlfriend. A lot of people believe that such things should happen naturally. Yet, the truth is that that wrong belief will cause many guys to remain single forever, against what they truly want. Unless you are still in university, or in a work environment where there are lots of female colleagues, it is going to be quite tough for you to be able to find someone suitable, much less get together with her! Therefore, throw that old mindset out and be more active in trying to find crowds of suitable women, and mingle with them. Love does not just fall onto your lap. It may just appear to be that way, but it is not the case in reality!

Some local guys are also bumping into women who are treating the entire date like an interview and simply turning these guys off! Once they meet, they rattle off questions like finding out their income, car, house and more. While everyone agrees that those are important factors when it comes to long term dating, asking immediately during the first meet can feel really rude and make the whole interaction appear superficial. That is also why some guys find services like ours to avoid these interview styles dates.

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