What Happens After You Sign Up For Our Services?

Here are some of the things that you can be expecting after you have signed up with our matchmaking agency.

First of all, we will be contacting you with a short message, most often via WhatsApp, which will be detailing the type of information we need from you before shortlisting. Due to the stringent qualifications we have for our clients; because we do not want people who stand little to no chance of seeing success to pay us anything, we will need to only select some of the applicants who apply for our services. This ensures that every client whom we bring on will stand a relatively high chance of actually meeting somebody whom they will suit, and whom suits them. Success is what matters to us, and not the size of a database. You probably already learnt in a bad way that a large database is useless from signing up with other companies if you are reading this post now! There is no point fishing in large database where you suit no one and vice versa. Therefore, please indicate your preferences in a potential partner as well as your personal details as accurately possible in this very first step, so that we can gauge accurately.

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Second of all, we will be looking through your application. If we believe there is a reasonably high chance that we will be able to find a match for you, we will be contacting you again for a short Skype / phone / face to face interview so you can ask us any questions as well as for us to reconfirm the details and start your services for you!

Third of all, we will be out and about looking through our database of clients as well as searching for a potential partner for you. Once we believe there is a reasonable match according to your criteria as well as your details, we will recontact you now. At this stage, we will arrange for a date and time for both you and the other party to meet. While the location may vary, depending on both of you, it will likely be situated somewhere in the central area so that it is most convenient for most people. Additionally, the date and time will be at your and his/her convenience as well.

At this stage, we hope that you will like your provided with partner! If so, that is awesome. At our company, our goal is to find you the ideal one on the first try. In any case, we want to help you find success as quickly as humanly possible. This is because your success is ours.

Here are also some further tips for you to improve your chances of entering a happy relationship with our help when going on dates we set up for you!

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