Different Types Of Companies In Singapore

If you are looking for dating services, chances are you may have bumped into several different types of companies locally, providing slightly different types of services. So in this post, let us sum it up for you, and provide you a summary of the various different types of companies available.


First of all, it would be traditional matchmakers like us, which is most suited for busy professionals looking to date and settle down. Companies like ours specialize in matchmaking services for our clients. This means that for us, after you sign up with us and our consultants have received your details, we will now be trying to find you a suitable partner from within our client database. We will be requiring different types of information. After you have passed us the necessary information, we will be getting to work immediately for you and be on the look out and search for that ideal person for you. If you want to learn more, here is what happens after you sign up with us.

Second of all, there are companies which specialize in events only. These are basically speed dating events where the organizing company will be bringing in singles to the event, and every one will be able to have a few minutes of time with each person of the other gender. Sometimes, the events are more like a mingling event, and those are not as much restricted in terms of timing that you can have with the other participants of the opposite gender.

Thirdly, there are also companies which will offer you a thing known as a low end package, and you will pay them a certain amount of money, usually a token sum of less than $100, and you are thrown into their paid user database, and you can now browse through their database like you are using a mobile app like Tinder. In our opinion, this is the most useless one. Why do that when you already have free apps like Tinder which does the exact same thing? If you want, sign up for the first type if you are a busy Singaporean professional. If you have lots of free time, then either the first option or the events option may be suitable for you.

Finally, there are also companies which are basically makeover consultants. They attempt to simply teach you how to dress, look and behave better but nothing more than that. We share with you our thoughts on whether such makeovers and coaching programs are even helpful for you here.

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