3 Good Conversation Topics You Can Use While Dating

Worried about potential awkward silence, or asking the wrong questions or talking about offensive topics on a date accidentally? No more. Here are five good conversation topics which you can utilize during your date! If you are a local professional, you can look for us, a local Singapore based dating agency to help match make you!

Firstly, you could ask one of the simplest questions ever, and simply find out their hobbies and what they are interested in! This is a question, where once they tell you, you can simply expand upon this topic easily, because all you need to do is to chat about or ask him or her stuff which he or she just told you about the hobby. Most people will definitely tell you more about it – because it is their hobby after all! This is a powerful conversation tool for you on your dates – because the easiest way to make you seem interesting to the other party is actually to be interested in them! Yes, a simple but effective trick. So listen more to what they are interested in, and you will be surprised at how effective most dates will go.couple talking

Secondly, if you are at a dining place, you could simply ask them what they think about the food or drinks there. However, there is a very powerful follow up tip to this topic, or it will not work. The trick is to use such questions to figure out what the person likes. It is so important at this point in time to genuinely be interested in what your partner has to say, and converse about it, not just use his or her suggestions as a sleazy way to throw him or her back the question that you two should meet there the next date! This is a good technique, but not to be used immediately. Let your partner tell you everything first and judging the vibes of the entire interaction before even suggesting like that. Remember, the key of the meetings is to enjoy yourselves. When you go into it with agendas, it tends to mess up. It can sound counterintuitive, but dating does not necessarily work the same way as business. Always enjoying your time together is the secret to success, not trying to set up agendas after agendas!

Thirdly, if you would like a deeper conversation topic, you could actually ask about their plans in future. Keep in mind that most people are interested to share the gist of where they are headed in life. However, many tend to not talk about it because many people are worried about being judged for it! You will see wonderful relationship success if you are genuinely interested in the person’s vision for the future, even if you may not necessarily align yourself with it. However, when you meet the right person, and both of you are aligned and moving towards the same life directions, sparks can easily fly!

If you want to avoid as many awkward topics, then you may want to look for a company like us instead. This is because there are different types, and if you go for a speed event one, it can feel more unnatural. However, with a matchmaking one like ourselves, we will already have known your preferences, and the other party’s as well. Therefore, the mutual connection is much better right off the bat, and you two stand a significantly higher chance of hitting it off, or we will not even connect you two up!

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