How To Prepare Yourself Effectively For A Blind Date!

Even if you have been on dates before, it can be a different experience if you were to engage a dating agency like us and we help you arrange for a date with someone you had not met before. Considering how most people have only gone on dates usually with friends, mutual friends or colleagues, you probably have at least met that person at least once before going on a slightly more official date with just the two of you only. However, blind dates can feel different to those who are not used to it.

First of all, be interesting. Here is a big tip for those of you who have always been struggling. The key to be interesting to others, and your date, is not to actually be rattling on and on about something which is supposedly interesting. There is only so much you can talk about, and when it comes to a blind date, you may find it tougher to know what they are into other than the basic information. The key to be interesting to your partner is to actually be interested in them! That is right! While it may sound contrarian, the best way to get the other party to have a fond memory of you and for you to stand the highest chance of success, is to actually try and be genuinely interested with what the other person has to say, and to truly listen to him or her. If you find yourself running out of conversation topics or facing awkward silences, make sure to read our previous post on the 3 conversation topics you can use while on dates. An additional tip is to continue conversations from what the other party is talking about. That way, you will never run out of topics!

Secondly, put in the effort to dress well. You cannot change the way your face looks, but you most certainly can change the way you dress! Dressing well does not mean wearing luxury products all over you. It is actually about wearing clothes which flatter your body shape properly, as well as fits you well. Additionally, it is also about wearing the right outfit for the right occasion. For instance, you definitely do not want to wear a shirt and business pants to the beach if you are a man, or wear a formal dress and high heels to the beach if you are a woman! That is weird even if your clothes are well fitted and you look good in them. Likewise, you do not wear sloppily to a Michelin starred restaurant. Dressing in fitted clothes, and for the right occasion is the key. Dressing wrongly is usually a bigger problem for guys in Singapore. Therefore, for the guys who say you want to wear whatever you want and still expect every woman to be attracted to you, then sure, you will get tons of women who dress like aunties going to the wet market who may like you – do not complain then if that is the case. If you want a woman who puts in effort in her appearance, then put in effort into yours too!

Thirdly, go in with an open mind, and have absolutely zero agenda other than trying to enjoy yourselves. If you have faced issues where the other party did not seem very interested in you after some time, it could be because you are having an agenda of sorts. Sometimes, perhaps you want to try to set up a second date when the time is not yet right, or when the other party feels like there is just not enough chemistry yet. This is because most people tend to be very rigid and start acting awkwardly when they have a heavy agenda on their minds. As a result of this, they turn off the other party. The trick for you if you suffer from something like that is to actually just focus on enjoying yourself. This is especially the case for a blind meeting like the above!

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