Why Is Traditional Matchmaking Having A Major Revival?

More traditional forms of matchmaker services by companies like ours are getting a major revival in society in recent years. Why is that so?

First of all, we believe that this change is at least partly driven by the virtual complete failure of mobile applications in helping middle aged (at least those in their late 20s onward) professionals to date successfully. The reason for that is mentioned many times before in our other posts, but the main thing is that the majority of the people on such applications are much younger, and so they tend to pick people their age. This means that if you are older, these people will not even be looking at your profiles because they will likely have sieved you out through the application’s age selection. Therefore, for this group of people in Singapore, services such as ours is looking very attractive now.

Second of all, professionals know exactly what it takes to help you find the right person. This is because if you tried going on mobile applications or looked offline such as bars or work places to look for love, you may not necessarily know how to get rid of time wasters – or rather, knowing how to only go on dates with serious people. When you try doing that, you will bump into all kinds of people with different values and all. Unfortunately, for a busy working professional like you, you do not have much free time, and therefore a more traditional matchmaker who can save your time for you will be popular.

People are also sick and tired of going to places like speed dating events, as they do not have time to pull out of their days already. In the situations where they are able to schedule some time to go for them, the short interaction time with each party makes it the same as swiping on Tinder, just like a slightly slow motion swipe. It is quite near impossible to learn anything suitable about the other party at all other than their looks to decide if a second appointment is worth it or not! Therefore, they turn to more traditional forms of services like ours.

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