How To Calm Yourself Down Before A Date

If you are set up on a date by our matchmaking consultants in Singapore and are feeling nervous before the appointment, here are some tips to help you out!

First up, drink lots of warm water. This is the simplest tip of all, yet it is so uniquely powerful you must use it if you usually get nervous on dates unnecessarily. Since most people meet and set their appointments at an air conditioned indoor place in Singapore, this tip is especially important. Did you know that if you are feeling cold, your voice becomes shaky and that can result in you thinking that you are feeling unconfident and nervous even when you are not? It is the same like how when you are happy, you laugh or smile. However, laughing or smiling can make you feel happy too! Same case here – if you are shivering or your voice is shaky, you may also think you are nervous or feeling cold! Therefore, combat this problem simply by drinking at least 2 glasses of warm water right before the date. This will help you to calm your nerves a lot and basically costs nothing and almost takes you no effort at all!

Second of all, dress up, and err on the side of being overdressed. One of the simplest tricks that you can be using to trick your subconscious more confident is to simply be overdressed. This may sound ridiculous to those who have not used this tip before, but it is really difficult to feel nervous and unconfident if you are overdressed. Ever remembered going to any location dressing at least one degree more formal than everyone else? Did you feel shaky and nervous then? Probably not. In fact, it is quite impossible to feel nervous when you are overdressed. On the other hand, being underdressed can make you feel nervous sometimes. However, please take this piece of advice and add some common sense to it as well – if you are going to the beach, do not turn up in a black formal evening dress or tuxedo! It makes no sense! To be safe, simply dress around one level more formal than most people will at the appointment location, and you should do well.

Finally, lose all external expectations of how you want the date to go. While this does not meant that you should abandon courtesy and etiquette, by simply focusing on enjoy yourselves and truly being yourselves, instead of trying to make the other party like you back is the key to seeing success. It may sound contrarian, but that is the truth and one of the big secrets for dating and relationship success. This is because when you lose all external expectations of how you want the date to go, you are no longer nervous. Why do people feel nervous when they watch a horror or thriller movie? Because they are worried that the actors or actresses will die in the show. Why do some people feel tensed up when they are watching a sports match? Because they are too uptight about wanting a particular outcome to happen. Imagine if you did not care – you would then be able to relax and truly enjoy! Same here when it comes to dating! Losing all external expectations can help you calm down.

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