How Guys Can Improve Their Dating By Being More Gentlemanly

If you are a Singaporean guy trying to increase your chances of finding the right one and having her liking you back, here are tips to help you improve your dating by simply being even more gentlemanly.

Please do not get me wrong, this certainly does not mean you should be what society calls a ‘nice guy’ or what is actually a wimp, but actually being a gentleman. Without further ado, let us explain so you will understand what we mean.

First of all, if a date is set up, make sure to be punctual for the appointment! One of the worst ways to make an impression on the lady is to be late. If you are early, also do not rush the lady. Be punctual, and this is a subtle sign of showing that you respect other people’s time, and she will definitely be impressed, especially when so many people in Singapore do not seem to take arrival times seriously! If you are not familiar with the travelling route, make sure to leave home or your office earlier than usual or required.

Second of all, make sure to be engaged in the conversations with your date. In today’s society where a lot of people are distracted by their phones and mobile application notifications pinging them every now and then, it is nice to talk to people who are fully focused on you while you are conversing with them. Therefore, by paying attention and staying fully engaged in conversations and interactions with your partner during the meeting, she will be happy that you are interested in her, and this will definitely help score points for you! Now, this does not include emergency office calls or matters, but otherwise, put your phone on silent, and if you must check it, you can check it while you are at the washroom if you absolutely feel the urge to.gentlemanly

Finally, after the appointment is over, make sure to offer to send your partner back. This is a simple gesture, but it is definitely something that most girls will definitely appreciate. Whether she accepts the offer or not is up to her, however, make sure to offer it. This is the case even if she stays in Jurong West and you stay in Tampines. If she is not comfortable with that, especially for the first time, then you could offer to order a Grab or Gojek for her and make sure to check later if she is safe and sound back home.

Therefore, if you have always wondered why it is so difficult for you to meet a girl, make sure to read, re-read, digest the above and implement the tips in your dating life right away!

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