How To Avoid ‘Interview’ Dates From SG Women By Using Us

Ever met a Singaporean lady who started to treat your whole first date like an interview or police interrogation session? Is that a big enough of a turn off for you? If so, great, that is why dating agencies like us are here to help you avoid that altogether.

One of the last things that you want is to actually go on a hot date to enjoy your time after your work, only to appear and then meet a girl who grills you with questions like how much money do you make, what car do you drive, where do you live, what job are you in, and where do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years down the road.

Let us be realistic, these are important questions to ask, especially when we are living in such an expensive country such as Singapore. However, these questions can be easily settled by a third party instead such as a matchmaker.

no interview style
Avoid ‘interview or interrogation’ style dates by using our services

Every man and woman in our country will probably agree that asking and sorting out such questions is important, however, they can be an absolute kill-joy if they are asked during the course of a traditional date. While we always recommend that locals be more blunt to see more relationship success, this does not necessarily mean that we should ask intrusive or sensitive questions! The purpose of dating is to enjoy yourselves and create potential attraction between both parties.

However, if you use the help of a professional dating company, we will be able to sort through such details both with you and the girl first. This happens often during the onboarding process of you becoming a customer, before you ever go on a meeting with any one.

Therefore, by having a middleman who already helps both you avoid this topic altogether when on a date with the lady, and by still helping the lady find their ideal guy, we maximize the chances of you being able to create maximum attraction during the meeting itself, as well as do the most important thing for that to happen – enjoy yourselves during the appointment instead of asking or answering such awkward questions and killing the mood of the entire setting.

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