Why Matchmakers Must Be Picky To Help Clients See Success

It is our strong belief within our company that matchmaking agencies should be picky about the clients they bring on, so as to achieve the greatest percentage of successful relationship matches as possible for all clients.

One of the biggest reasons why some people struggle with finding someone suitable when it comes to dating is actually unrealistic expectations. As a result of this, our consultants will assist in judging the applications to see if their requests are realistic, and whether such a human being even exists! For extreme cases where the person has unrealistic expectations, and despite our consultants advice to them, they still insist, we will reject such enquiries, and not take on him or her as a customer. The reason for this is simple – we only want to bring onboard people as customers whom we are confident about finding a suitable person for.

We admit there are certain demographics and profiles in the local Singapore population which is nearly impossible to find any suitable dates for them, unless these people were to completely or greatly change themselves before hand. An example is if a person is out of shape, it is still definitely possible for us to help you out to find suitable dates. However, if you are 100kg overweight and obese till the point you cannot walk, that is actually beyond our help, until you change certain things about yourself. If a person is not necessarily what one may consider a top executive, and is still making a comfortable living for normal living expenses, it is almost always possible for us to actually find a suitable person for that customer. However, if a man is for instance 40 years old and still lives with his parents and refuses to work or improve his finances yet wants to find a match, that is unrealistic. For these extreme groups of demographics and profiles, we will upfront reject them, and not even bring them into our customer base – because we do not want to affect the other members.

We believe that companies which do not do any sort of filtering before accepting customers – which is very common among companies which like to boast their large numbers of members who really are unqualified, will not see a high match rate ever.

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