SG Has Many Dating Companies – So Why Are Many Still Single?

Our country has lots of dating companies, however there is still a record number of singles and low marriage rates, why is that so?

We believe there are multiple reasons.

Most companies in the country are simply caring only about the money, and without a single care to certain things like value add to customers and helping customers actually solve a problem. How often have you heard of a person signing up to a company which keeps proclaiming about their large database and with a media presence but then are always matched up to people whom are not even close to their indicated preferences, or they got matched up many times in a short period of time but none are suitable, and then they run out of ‘dates quota’ and are asked to pay more?

Additionally, many so called agencies are in reality just make over specialists or dating coaches. They are not real matchmakers, unlike us. Have you or someone you know ever signed up to a company, to be match made, only to be upsold to all kinds of nonsense like coaching packages and make over shopping packages and basically being sold everything except for what they actually signed up for? The fact that many companies in SG do this is a big contributing factor as to why the number of singles is still increasing, and marriage rates super low. They are not doing their job!

Many companies in Singapore, in a bid to make more money, simply take on every one as their customers. However, the truth is that not everyone should be brought on as a customer. It is virtually impossible for some people to ever get a suitable match. In fact, one of the main reasons why we were founded is simply because why we believe consultants like us need to be picky to help customers see better results. However, few other companies are like us, and hence we are here to change the scene in our country forever.

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