Can Perfectionism In Singapore Be Keeping Locals Single?

Many Singaporeans are perfectionists and have such an attitude towards everything in life, including love and relationships. However, could that be the very reason that is causing many locals to still stay single?

Ever since we were children in Singapore, people were drilled into their minds by society, parents and more that they should be aiming for perfect scores. Not only that, they are to be all-rounders. The truth is that we all have 24 hours in a day, and only so much effort. One can work towards being a perfect athlete, but that perhaps mean that they are not that great at studies. Others can work towards being the top scholar, but that probably means they will be suffering in their social life. Regardless, being perfectionists and all-rounders at the same time is a recipe for failure, and we believe this is causing problems in dating scene in our country too.


For instance, men want their partners to be slim, pretty, long haired, demure and caring. Women want their partners to be tall, smart, fit, financially well to do and protective. Working towards finding such a partner is always ideal, however, we have to understand that always striving for perfection is great, but that should not be at the expense of not taking any actions!

When you are on your search for the perfect partner who suits you, be willing to date and have an open mind. Even when you are working towards finding the ideal partner, whether it be through a matchmaker or yourself, even if the person is not 100/100 to you, try it out and give the relationship a chance to potentially blossom. Because chances are, even if you find that 100/100 person, it does not necessarily mean that the combination of you and him or her in a relationship will result in a happily ever after – it is also about the way you two hit it off – and that is far more important.

We always recommend having some must have criteria, and some good to have criteria in love. This means that if a potential date comes up, and the person hits your must have criteria, but not all of your good to have ones, give them and yourself a chance.

Of course, perfectionism is definitely not the only reason for a low marriage rate in our country, as we explained in our other post that many other companies in our industry are simply not providing a good service, and are more focused on treating everyone as numbers at the expense of value add to customers.

Additionally, the sky high costs of living in our country is also another contributing factor, potentially keeping more people single locally.

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