Cheap Dates In Singapore Below $19 Yet Still Fun & Romantic

If you are looking for some cheap dates in our country while still having lots of fun and impressing your partner, then read on! Dating in SG need not necessarily be about breaking the bank! Here are some ideas which will cost you both less than $19.

First of all, enjoy Gardens By The Bay! One of the most romantic feeling places on a cool evening or night, the gardens is a great and free place for you and your partner to enjoy a lovely evening together, with all the beautiful lightings. It is our opinion that it is more romantic there at night. There is also a Garden Rhapsody show, so you could time your appointment there as well to catch this show. It happens from 745pm to 8pm and 845pm to 9pm daily.

The second idea which will cost you both less than $19 will be cycling along one of Singapore’s coastal parks! Bicycles are cheap to rent at these bicycle rental kiosks at places like East Coast Park. The easiest place to rent a bicycle is the kiosk near the hawker centre, and rates are affordable. Additionally, they also have bikes which allow for two people to ride on together, which makes it all the more romantic! We recommend going there only on a nice cooling day, or your partner may be perspiring profusely and not be too happy with you and feel irritable because of Singapore’s very humid weather!

Third of all, it will be playing a board game at one of your places! It is definitely far more fun and romantic, and definitely way easier to ask your partner to do this than the common Netflix and chill which has been a date idea abused to death. Games like Monopoly, Uno and Jenga are definitely suitable for both genders to play. Steer clear of games like Risk or similar ones where usually only people of a particular gender tend to like it.

The next idea is to star gaze at the Singapore Science Centre! If you and your partner love astronomy, science or perhaps star gazing in general, but do not have a telescope at home, then you could actually head on over to the Singapore Science Centre to star gaze with him or her!

If you are looking for relatively cheap options also, but offshore ideas, then check out our recommended offshore ideas for couples!

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