Why Extreme Preferences In Dating Can Keep You Single

Having very extreme types of preferences in a person can potentially cause you to have troubles to find the right one or keep a love relationship going. Let me explain more with a few examples.

There are some men who only want women who are much shorter than 150cm or much taller than 170cm for example. However, the average height for women in Singapore is actually 160cm! This means that extreme preferences, which are non-negotiable may cause you to be unable to find any suitable matches, and on top of that may cause you to miss out potentially great love relationships because of overly strict and extreme preferences.

There are women who only want men who are making over $100,000 per annum in Singapore. While this may not necessarily sound ridiculously extreme, especially if they are looking at men above 40 years of age, it is extreme if the guy makes $90,000 and she is not willing to budge! It is another story if he was making $20,000 per annum.

But no matter what criteria we are talking about, if you have not seen much success when it comes to love because you supposedly cannot find anyone suitable at all in your whole life, then you may want to look at your preferences and expectations, and perhaps be a little less extreme, and consider being a little flexible if a criteria is already within the realm of what you deem as acceptable.

As you can tell, being too extreme, and inflexible when it comes to dating can actually usually only cause you to stay single. It is not a problem if you wish to be single. However, if you want to find love and get into a relationship, then sometimes, compromises, especially when whatever you are looking for in a potential date is already almost met, should definitely be made. Do not let yourself suffer from missing a completely good love relationship just because of a tiny thing which you are simply too stubborn to compromise on.

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