What Singaporean Guys Look For In Girls

Whether you intend to look for one through a dating agency or through other means, here are some tips for local girls to know what Singaporean guys look for in girls when it comes to relationships!

First of all, always be appreciative, or at least, demonstrate it to the guy. Keep in mind that even if you appreciate a guy’s particular gesture or effort, he will not know that you appreciate it if you do not tell him. Therefore, be overly explicit when it comes to this, and make sure to tell him that you truly appreciate whatever it is. This demonstrates to him that you are receptive to what he just did, and also he will feel happier!

Second of all, make sure to dress well and look nice. Let us face the truth – looks and appearance do matter. It is part of who we are. This is especially the case when it comes to dating, and when it comes to men judging women, just like how many women judge men at least partially on their financial capabilities. This does not necessarily mean going over the top, nor buying ridiculously priced clothes. It is about looking your best, looking neat, wearing clothes which flatter you and be comfortable with what you are dressed in.

Third of all, be yourself. SG guys do not like girls who pretend to be someone they are not. This means that regardless of your personality, you want to be yourself. It is fairly easy to detect someone being fake and having a pretense by some people, and if you bump into such guys, there is no way you can succeed in dating. It is also important to always be real, so that both parties can know from day one if there is even a chance of a potential love relationship forming. This keeps things clear cut. So make sure to always be yourself and have a down to earth personality!

Next of all, while most men do not appreciate an arrogant lady, most guys in Singapore appreciate a smart and witty lady who is not sarcastic. Most men do not appreciate sarcasm when it comes to relationships. Therefore, avoid that! However, being witty and being able to hold a good conversation with a guy will keep him highly interested in you!

Anyway, for the ladies, here are some extra tips for you on how to attract Singaporean guys. Make sure to give it a read too!

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