Successful Matchmaking Is Also About Understanding Chemistry

How often have you heard of the word chemistry when it comes to dating, love and relationships? With us, we understand that finding the right match is not just about looking purely at criteria and profiles, but also looking at the vibes of the two people and the potential chemistry.

However, did you know that ‘chemistry’ when it comes to relationships can also be something which is predictable to a certain extent? How do we do it? Well, there are multiple ways that our consultants use to achieve this result.

Firstly, our consultants have lots of experience matching people up. When there is experience, especially when there is lots of it, there is accurate ‘gut’ feelings. Keep in mind that this type of feeling does not necessarily work in all cases – and is only more useful when it comes to people who have lots of experience in a particular arena – in our case, getting couples match-made together. With their past experience over the years, they are able to notice that certain types of people tend to get into a happy relationship. Since our consultants have lots of relevant and related past experience, we are able to pinpoint such potential love success stories relatively easily.

Second of all, we do not just depend on ‘gut’ feeling. We believe in numbers as well, and from the success stories in Singapore that we have had from our customers, we continually build a better system to predict which two people are likely to hit it off, by comparing their criteria, likes, dislikes, and their vibes from our manual Skype or in person interview with our customers. By looking at past data, we are able to relatively accurately extrapolate as to whom will likely be able to hit it off if we did connect them up.

As you can tell, dating certainly is not just about connecting up people whose profile matches the other person’s preferences alone, as you may have personally experienced before in the past. That alone does not translate to a successful relationship. As we are all humans and not robots, there is still that special sauce that only talented and experienced consultants and people are able to spot when it comes to matchmaking. That is also one of the reasons why services like ours are getting increasingly popular once again in society!

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