Is The Cost Of Living In Singapore Making It Harder To Date?

Many people are wondering if the supposed high cost of living in the country is making it harder for younger couples to date. Some even say that is the reason why many young professionals are looking for a Singapore matchmaking agency as they only either have time to work or date, and not both or they cannot afford it. So without further ado, here is our take on it!

There are a few key factors when it comes to relationships which is affected heavily by money – place of residence, transportation, entertainment and food.

When it comes to a place, many young people in Singapore who are looking for a place to call their own may struggle, as some struggle with purchasing a HDB, and on the other end, most who can very easily purchase a HDB would prefer a private condominium or landed property, which is still expensive to them. So many people are stuck in an in between zone, just at different levels. However, we believe that while this is a key and main factor, many parents locally are actually understanding and are willing to accept their children and spouses in their own homes for several years first before they get a place of their own.

Transportation in SG can be pretty subjective, as travelling by public transport is dirt cheap, albeit it will be quite slow. Travelling by cars can be expensive. However, this should not be a factor as most who can truly afford a car do not care much about the money, and those who prefer saving or cannot afford a car take the public transport which can take you to most places here anyway. With the addition of in between services like Grab and Gojek, travelling costs within the country should not be a limiting factor at all when it comes to dating.

Entertainment in the city can also be drastically different. Entertainment could mean a simple Netflix subscription and watching movies together, or it could mean renting yachts and going on romantic dates into the sunset. Thankfully, SG has lots of choices for couples to pick from, so this aspect of costs should not be a limiting factor, as one is free to choose what form of entertainment they wish to go for!

Our Lion City is well known to be a foodie haven, and has very cheap and good food for a highly developed city, compared to most other equally developed cities around the world. There are relatively affordable cafés and restaurants, and dirt cheap food at hawker centres, so cost of food would not be a likely reason at all causing people to stay single.

In summary, we believe that the main cost of living which may be a factor in causing more people in SG to remain single is actually just the cost of property ownership. That is still considered sky high, and we firmly believe if this were to drop in costs, then far more singles would get into long term relationships and get married earlier!

Anyway, here are some cheap dates ideas which are still romantic if you are looking for some cheaper ideas to alternate around so in the meantime you can save up for your future property with your spouse and children!

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