All About SDN – Formerly Social Development Unit

Social Development Network, SDN, previously known as Social Development Unit, SDU is a government organization underneath the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Located at 7 Canning Rise Singapore 179869, its mission is to create more opportunities for local singles to meet and socialize through a variety of meaningful social activities, date and eventually find a marriage partner.

First founded in the eighties

First founded in 1984 as SDU, it functioned as its own matchmaker. It basically does everything that private agencies do today. It organized activities for single Singaporeans.

Apparently, studies conducted back then seemed to reveal that many highly educated and career-capable women were not getting hitched, and also that the more educated a couple was academically speaking, the fewer children they seemed to have. And since SG was on well its way to become one of the most academically proficient country in the world back then, the trend can be potentially worrying when it comes to the nation’s future birth rates.

SDN was established in 2008

SDU’s target demographic was actually just SG university graduates, as it was believed that talents were not nurtured but born, and hence the country tried to get as many academically successful people to marry each other for supposedly more talented children.

However, due to controversy, as well as potentially piling on evidence that talented children is very well the result of nurturing and environment rather than birth circumstances, the government created Social Development Service, SDS, which targeted non university graduates. However, with mounting pressure, both SDU and SDS combined to form the entity now known as Social Development Network, SDN, in 2008. This is an enhanced initiative and government organization in Singapore to further promote marriage across all ranges of the population in a country that is facing an aging population by leveraging talents in private matchmaking companies.

singles use corppass or singpass to access SDN events and activities

Now, through a combination of social activities arranged by the SDN, as well as accrediting dating agencies, the SDN aims to promote singles to date, and eventually get married. In a country which is constantly struggling against low marriage and hence birth rates, the government and SDN is encouraged to take more action to conquer this issue, as a stable growth rate in population is necessary to keep creating more jobs as well as keep the economy stronger than ever before.

Today, while it still holds some social events, that has become only one part of its initiatives, and is taking a relatively more off handed approach to boost such social development within the local population. It also teaches stuff like relationship skills and more for example on how to attract guys for women and vice versa e.t.c.

It was in the late 2000s that SDU made a fundamental change in its approach, and used its capabilities to boost private operators instead, leading to accreditation and many more such terms that many of us may be familiar with today.

Furthering its capabilities by leveraging private companies

Through the setting up of the SDNTrust Accreditation Framework as well as the Partner Connection Fund, it seeks to empower more organizations to further its mission.

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