About Singapore

Singapore – the booming city state

Singapore is a small country, but despite its small geographical size, is a business giant hitting well above its weight.

The past

Singapore got its financial start as a shipping giant in the past, as it held a crucial geographical point in the world where almost every ship had to go past it physically. Singapore quickly developed its port. Although in the last decade, shipping business has dwindled, Singapore has leveraged the past growth into other areas of developments to keep up with the world!


Despite having a small population for a country, Singapore has a very high population and density for a city (1)! At around 5.6 million people, Singapore is immensely population dense.


While Singapore is a highly population dense country, many of its citizens and people living in it are very busy. Many Singaporeans are actually busy professionals and workaholics and do not have much time to date. Many Singaporeans suffer from dating problems and unable to find the right one in their lives! Therefore, some of these white collared professionals in Singapore turn to a dating agency like TRUEMatchmaking to help them find love and get married. It is just a far easier way to date, and eventually get married.

Singapore is a business and investment giant

Within less than half a century, it has evolved from a rural island to one of the largest financial hubs in the world, alongside Hong Kong, New York and Tokyo.

As a result of this, many business travelers visit Singapore on a frequent basis. Business conventions, meetings and events are held on a near weekly basis in Singapore. Lots of investors also love investing into Singapore due to the overall stability of the country in every aspect.

Singapore has lots of recreational activities for you as well

However, Singapore is not just about business. Singapore has some of the best recreational activities for both tourists and locals to do! The most famous two things in Singapore are: food and shopping.

With shopping centres in Singapore open till around 10pm daily, and many food places open for 24 hours daily, you get to enjoy food and shopping a lot more in Singapore than nearly every other country around the world.

The city featured in Crazy Rich Asians

When Crazy Rich Asians aired worldwide, more attention was brought to attention again. Considering how successful the Hollywood movie Crazy Rich Asians was, it has definitely brought lots of attention.


1. https://www.singstat.gov.sg/find-data/search-by-theme/population/population-and-population-structure/latest-data