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TRUE Matchmaking was founded in 2019, when our founder realized there is a very big problem.

Dating agencies and matchmakers in Singapore have seemingly forgotten what their true role is.

Instead of being matchmakers, these greedy money minded companies decided to focus heavier on up-selling you coaching packages, makeover sessions and treating you as a number in their database e.t.c. Basically everything else except treat you like a client and match-make you!

To exacerbate this problem, alternatives were no better. 

For men, on mobile dating apps, it feels as though no girl ever swipes right to you. Offline, Singapore women are usually conservative and won’t let you know even if they are interested in you. Many men serious about marriage & the long term probably do not have the time and effort to play games.

For women, online dating or apps often end up with lots of desperate and less than ideal males contacting you… not the type you would touch with a ten foot pole in real life. While others are just typing a boring template ‘hey’ to you. When met offline, many men are childish, playboy-minded or are not even able to take care of themselves financially, much less you.

Our Mission

To be the best matchmaker in Singapore. Not just lip service, but through actions and solid results.

We do not run useless events, sponsorships e.t.c. Our entire and rapid hockey stick growth has been almost entirely due to one factor – finding clients their true love and them automatically giving referrals.

Unlike some who may spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising or PR stunts, our growth has been entirely organic.

Yet we have managed to beat virtually every other agency on the one factor that matters – helping as many of our clients find their one true love as quickly as possible.

And we intend to keep it that way – being a TRUE matchmaking company and helping our clients find their TRUE love.

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