10 Common Dating Problems Faced By SG Men

Problems men face dating:

If you are a man looking to date seriously in Singapore, you may have come across some or even all of the following problems!

For online dating apps, nobody swipes right to you

Whether it is because you do not know how to take pictures, do not wish to upload a full photo due to privacy reasons, or simply just can’t seem to get a girl to swipe right, it is still a problem.

First of all, there are multiple reasons this can happen.dating apps

1) Lots of inactive accounts on online dating apps or websites

There are actually lots of inactive accounts when it comes to online dating apps, even for new ones, in Singapore. This is because most people simply sign up out of boredom. After using it for a few days or weeks, they stop logging in completely, and sometimes do not bother re-installing it if they change their mobile phones. This is very common in Singapore where most people change their phones once every 1 or 2 years.

2) Lots of girls there for validation purposes only

Yes! Whether you believe it or not, it is true that many girls in Singapore sign up to dating applications only for validation purposes (1). Basically, most girls join such free applications because they want to feel desired, yet with zero intention of going out or even replying ANY message she receives on those same apps.

And because the number of guys grossly outnumber the amount of girls on almost all such applications (2), women do get many more likes than men. Even average or well below-average women get more likes and matches than a well above average man. Therefore, women just use it as an ego boost. So the next time a girl tells you offline how many likes she gets on her online profile, view it with a pinch of salt, as it is simply a game of numbers!

3) You get matched but no one wants to meet up in real life

This is a common problem in Singapore, and largely due to reason number 2 above that girls just sign up on such free apps for validation and ego boosting purposes.

4) Don’t know how to take good photos to attract attention of girls

Let’s face it. Sometimes, the problem is with the photos.

At the end of the day, such apps are photo first, details second. This means that your photo has to be excellent. Unfortunately for most men in Singapore, you may not be big on selfies, and hence do not know how to take flattering images.

5) Age can make you invisible on dating apps

Most girls in Singapore on these applications only look for those within 1-5 years of their age. This means that if you are an older gentlemen, perhaps in your 40s or 50s, chances are, you will be ‘invisible’. No matter how many girls you swipe right to, you will be unable to get any matches. This is because of the girls’ preferences within the app, they will not even be able to see your profile while using such dating apps or websites!

For offline dating, there is a whole list of problems too:

If offline were any more reasonable, that will be fantastic. However, it is clearly not. Here are some problems that men in Singapore face when trying to date.Singapore nightclub scene

6) Girls just aren’t reactive

Many girls in Singapore will not take initiative to start a conversation. That may be normal throughout the world. Men are usually expected to take the initiative. However, what makes it horrible is that they simply do not reply!

This is because Singapore has a very conservative culture, and girls in Singapore simply act coy even if they truly like you. It is just virtually impossible to get a conversation going if you try dating outside of your social circle.

7) Lots of things related to dating can be seen as taboo

Whether you believe it or not, some girls may like you. However, because you’re older and more successful than guys anywhere near her age, she may be worried about being classified as a gold digger by her friends, even if she genuinely is not one! There are still lots of stigma regarding a girl dating a much older man, even if it is for true love.

There are lots of ‘fake’ agencies

If you have signed up with any other ‘matchmaking agencies’ in Singapore before, you may have bumped into one or more of the following problems.

8) Lots of fake agencies sell you irrelevant things

When you signed up with some other agencies, you signed up with the hope of being able to find the love of your life.

In the end, you probably ended up with a broken heart, you still being single and a lighter wallet. Most ‘fake agencies’ these days sell you everything thing else, and do everything else except for what their name suggests – be your matchmaker and find you your partner in life.

You were probably regarded as less than just a financial number to them – you are considered a ‘bit’ in their database which they can now brag to the PR people the volume of people they have in their database… (albeit an abysmal and appalling success rate).

9) Lots of agencies hide their pricing and packages from you! Why would you hand over your critical details before you even know the price?

Lots of other companies hide their details from you, citing they need to know your details first.

Let us make it clear, so you have to give them your full NRIC, payslip, details e.t.c. before you can even know the price? Even a Lamborghini lists its price publicly despite being so exorbitantly expensive in Singapore. Even a bungalow lists its selling price. Yet a matchmaker can’t? It’s probably an excuse to push sales numbers onto you once they got your details and got you stuck on a mandatory phone call with them.

You’re a client. We believe in being transparent. This is our price list.

10) Some companies accept all kinds of clients – resulting in a low match success rate

We believe there is no point in having you or another person as a client if we have no confidence in getting you your true love. This is also a problem for women in Singapore who sign up to certain companies.

Many unethical companies just bring you in as long as you are a girl or a guy, and a Singaporean, a permanent resident or hold a valid employment pass in Singapore.

This results in lots of ineligible singles in their database with either ridiculous expectations or bad qualifications resulting in them never being able to match you up.

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