10 Big Dating Problems Singaporean Women Face

Issues women commonly face when dating in Singapore:

Here are some of the biggest dating issues that women face in SG, and is also a big reason why matchmakers are still very important.

Miscellaneous problems women face dating in SG:

There are lots of issues which can be unique to Singapore when it comes to relationship problems for local Singaporean women.

1) Guys who do not want commitment

When it comes to dating, there can be a lot of guys who are interested in you. However, when it comes to commitment, most of them tend to flake out. This is a very common issue that many Singaporean women face. However, it is very hard to solve this problem on your own because you cannot possibly ask, “Hey, are you marriage minded?” as your first sentence to a guy… or he will run away even if he was genuinely marriage minded too! This is because it is a very invasive question to ask.

2) Guys who lie about their achievements

Lots of guys in Singapore pose next to cars not belonging to them, and appear picture perfect on paper. However, using common sense, one can easily tell that it makes no sense that every guy in Singapore is so eligible! Turns out, most guys over-inflate and over exaggerate their achievements just to get the attention of girls in Singapore. If you are marriage minded, you may or may not necessarily mind a lower income guy, but you definitely will not be able to stand liars!

3) Guys who are immature (males who are basically boys, not men)

This has nothing to do with age, and has to do with maturity. If you have dated in Singapore before, you will realize that many guys in Singapore are immature for their age. Yet even guys from other countries who did not do NS are more mature. A big part of the reason for this is because most men from Western minded countries are ‘thrown’ out from their parents’ house once they graduate from school, and have to fend for themselves. This is both financially as well as household chores. However, many men in Singapore do not face such pressures from their parents. Therefore, some men in Singapore tend to be quite immature.

4) Guys who are incapable of emotionally and financially taking care of you

As a woman dating in Singapore, you may have felt that those men capable of taking care of you are already married or taken, and those who are available aren’t capable. What a pain. This is quite a true issue for many local girls.

For online dating, there are a plethora of issues that women in Singapore face:

Even when it comes to online dating for women in Singapore, it does not necessarily get any easier – especially for those marriage minded.

5) Lots of guys… who are desperate and disgusting!

Let’s face it! If you have tried online dating and you are a female, you will have encountered lots of desperate guys who keep messaging you… While desperateness in a guy is not the best thing ever, what makes it worse is that these men are often ineligible guys! Making your whole online dating experience on apps just horrible. If a guy’s personality didn’t matter to you, and only looks mattered, then perhaps you could overlook some of them. But for the marriage minded women like yourself, some of these men probably make you want to puke!

6) Most guys just message a ‘hey’… Boring

At this stage, most girls would probably be impressed if a guy who messaged her on online dating applications mentioned anything other than ‘Hey’. It seems like most guys online can’t even randomly pick up something from your profile and talk about it instead!

7) Lots of inactive accounts

This problem is similar to one of the problems faced by as well men in Singapore. Many people in Singapore sign up onto such free mobile applications or websites, only to never log in again after some time. This is a common issue! The problem with that is that the app is usually still unable to sieve out these people or users. Whether the algorithm cannot do it or they want to give the impression that there are more users than there actually are active users no one knows. However, one thing is for sure, many do not reply on such applications!

8) Lots of playboys

On dating applications, most guys you have encountered are probably just playing a numbers game, where they attempt to get as many girls as possible. They are not interested in commitment, and sticking to one girl.

Many ‘matchmakers’ in Singapore are not doing their job well at all

9) Many other dating agencies in Singapore seemed to have forgotten their number 1 role – matchmaking!

If you have signed up for at another matchmaker or a dating agency in Singapore before, your goal was probably to find the love of your life.

However, if you have signed up, you are probably matched up to guys who are either ineligible, clearly not your type despite your indications during application process, or cross sold other programs such as coaching or makeovers instead of the one thing you want – finding your true love! This is unfortunately also a problem for men due to some unethical agencies who focus more on selling you than giving to you exactly what you want.

10) Most other agencies accept nearly every person who applies

By accepting everyone who applies, these agencies get to make more money. However, they fail to realize that it is unethical to accept a client if they are unable to reasonably expect to find a suitable partner for them!

The truth is that it is much harder for certain people to find their partner and true love. Sometimes it could be due to their own qualifications and details. Sometimes it could be your impossible criteria in a partner. Nonetheless, these agencies accept you and tell you that they can find you your partner when they are quite unlikely to do so.

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